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Industrial facility with large smoke plumes against a forested hillside.

Any device or contrivance that may be a source of air contaminants, or is intended to control or mitigate those air contaminants, has the potential to require a Permit to Operate from the Air District.

Rule 401Rule 501

and Health & Safety Code: Section 42300).

Here is a partial list of some of the most commonly permitted facilities/projects and where to find the required permits for them. If your facility, project, or equipment is not on this list, please call the Air District to verify whether or not you will need an Air Pollution Permit to Operate.

Info Update Form

Please complete when the facility’s contact information has changed to ensure the correct person is notified for any future permit or program updates:

Update Facility Contact Information Form

 Air District General Permits

Gas Station 

If you plan to build a gasoline station, or if you plan to alter the vapor recovery equipment in any way, or alter or upgrade the dispensing or storage equipment in any way, then you probably need to first submit an Authority to Construct form. Visit our Vapor Recovery page for additional info and to download the form.

Stationary Sources and Miscellaneous 

If you plan to install or operate any kind of stationary source or device that emits any air pollutants whatsoever within the 3 counties of this Air District, then you will probably need to obtain an Air Pollution permit. You will need the following two forms:

(1) Permit Application(2) Instructions for Permit Application
Internal Combustion Engines 

If you plan to install or operate any kind of diesel fired stationary or portable engine greater than 49 horsepower within the 3 counties of this Air District, then you will need to obtain an Air Pollution permit.  If you plan to install or operate any kind of stationary or portable engine that does NOT use diesel, then PLEASE call the Air District and speak with one of our permitting specialists. In all likelihood your non-diesel fired engine will probably not require a permit, but call us to be sure.  If you know that you need to apply for a permit, then you will need the following items:

Instructions for the Permit Application (do not complete the permit without reviewing this first!)Permit Application FormInternal Combustion Engine Supplemental Form
Open Outdoor Burning 

For questions regarding Air Pollution permits for the purposes of residential or non-residential open burning, please visit our Open Outdoor Burning page.

Soil Aeration / Remediation / Vapor Extraction Projects 

If you plan to engage in any kind of soil cleanup where there is any potential for contaminants to be emitted into the air, however minute they may be, then you will probably need an Air Pollution permit. Please download our Soil Aeration form.

SVE FIllable Application
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