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Portola Woodstove Change Out Program

Greater Portola Area Wood Stove Change Out Program

The Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District is offering a change-out program within the Greater Portola Area in Plumas County, California for replacement of non-EPA certified wood stoves with new, efficient, cleaner burning EPA certified devices.

For questions call us at 530-832-0102 or email us at

If you’ve already participated in our Wood Stove Change Out program, please take a moment to fill out our Follow Up Survey

Two wood stoves, one indoor and one outdoor, showing before and after use or restoration.

Free change-outs, installation and removal of old wood stove or fireplace! You choose the unit and the certified local installer. 

Device amounts by ZoneElectric Heat PumpPellet StoveKerosene MonitorPropane HeaterWood Stove
Zone 1$13,500$6,500$6,500$6,500$5,000
Zone 2$13,500$4,500$4,500$4,500$3,500
Is your current stove EPA certified? Click Here to find out! If your stove is NOT certified, you may be eligible to participate.Progress Report 2018Progress Report 2019Read the full Press Release

Participating Retailer List  (tentative — check again before purchasing a new heating device)

Retailers in Plumas County (Northern Sierra AQMD):

  • Quincy Hot Spot, 2019 East Main St., Quincy
  • Wolf Creek Woodstoves, 55 Delleker Rd., Portola (Delleker)
  • Heat Transfer Systems 64 Bresciani Lane Quincy, CA
  • Integrity Heating and Air Chilcoot, CA


Open to all renters or owners regardless of income, who currently have an old, qualifying wood burning heating device and live in the Greater Portola area

CLICK HERE to fill out ZONE 1 pdf Application online (City of Portola region)

Zone 1

CLICK HERE to fill out ZONE 2 pdf Application online (qualifying surrounding region)

Zone 2

Or call us at 530-832-0102

Additional Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must currently have an installed, operating qualified wood burning stove (at least 20 years old for a wood stove or 10 years old to replace for pellet, kerosene, propane, or electric heat option) or fireplace.
  • Must submit a completed application to be considered for the program.  Applications will be disqualified:
    • IF the old device is removed from the home prior to application approval.
    • IF the new certified device is purchased before application approval.
    • IF any information on the application is false of incomplete
  • Installation must be completed by a District-approved Retailer.

Funding varies based on where the home is located:

  •  If you have determined you live in Zone 1, download an application:
  • If you have determined you live in Zone 2, download an application:
  • Zone 2 application (Link in main Eligibility section above) and
  • IF your home is a mobile or manufactured home, please fill out this additional form, regardless of your zone location.
Electric Heat Pump Program 
A testimonial about the cost-saving benefits of installing heat pumps, by Jason, a resident of Portola City.

If you live in Portola City Limits and have an EPA-compliant woodstove and would like to participate in the electric heat pump program, download this application:

Zone 1-A

Households within city limits are not required to remove their wood burning device if the U.S. EPA certified wood burning device was installed under the Districts Woodstove change-out program or has been registered with NSAQMD. If you haven’t already registered, it’s a very easy process! Send us an email to register your device at or call 530-832-0102 EXT. 1 or 2

This program was created in order to help local air quality by encouraging those with heat pumps to use them on curtailment days and to use them more often or in tandem with their woodstoves to reduce overall air pollution.
Read more about how Heat Pumps work 

1- Cord Woodsheds 
A woodpile under a shelter in a forested area.

 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Live in the non attainment area
  • Have participated in the wood stove change out program already
  • Have an EPA-compliant wood heating device that has phase II emissions control technologies or better that is registered with the Air District
  • Fill out a short application, if your woodstove is not registered with the Air District we will schedule a quick registration visit before having the woodshed installed, download an application:
  • Woodshed Application Form 


Chimney Sweep Vouchers 
A person is cleaning a chimney with a brush against a blue sky.

The NSAQMD offers a valuable service to residents in need within the non-attainment area: a yearly chimney sweep voucher redeemable with one of three trusted local chimney sweep companies. This initiative aims to ensure the efficiency and safety of your wood stove and makes your community a more healthy place to breathe for all.

To qualify for the voucher, your wood stove should be less than 20 years old. It’s also important to have your device registered with the district.

Contact us today at 530-832-0102 EXT 1 or EXT 2 for Spanish speaking.

The Air District is offering a change-out program to qualified homeowners within the Greater Portola PM2.5 Non-attainment Area in Plumas County, California for replacement of non-EPA certified wood stoves with new, efficient, cleaner burning EPA certified devices. This program is funded by the U.S. EPA’s 2015, 2018, and 2020 Targeted Air shed Grant Programs, the District’s AB2766 program and other agencies. This voluntary five year program is only available to residents within the non-attainment area.
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