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California Assembly Bill 181 – School District Transportation Plans

This page provides information for school districts on consulting with the Air District on Transportation Service Plans to meet the requirements of AB 181.

California Assembly Bill 181 requires school districts to develop transportation service plans in consultation with air quality management districts.

“SEC. 14. 39800.1. (b) (1) The Plan shall be developed in consultation with classified staff, teachers, school administrators, regional local transit authorities, local air pollution control districts and air quality management districts, parents, pupils, and other stakeholders.”

The Air District does not review these plans. However, once in a great while, the Air District may have access to funding programs that school districts may take advantage of when implementing their developed plans. Contact the Air District for details on available grant money.

Additional information can also be found on the California Department of Education’s Home-to-School Transportation Reimbursement page.

School districts that receive and consider the information provided on this web page are considered to have consulted adequately with the Air District.

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