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Burn Day Status

Use The Table Below to see if it is a Burn Day in Your Area.

  • Find your area in the left column and look in the column for the day you are interested in.  Be sure to read the Special Conditions for your area.
  • NO means that Open Burning is Prohibited in your area on the day specified.
  • YES means that Open Burning is Allowed in your area on the day specified, w/a Valid Permit if required.

For non-residential burning, an Air Pollution Permit from the Air District is always required.  Burn only dry, natural vegetation that grew on the property where you are burning.  Never burn garbage, construction debris, painted wood, wet piles, or piles composed primarily of leaves and pine needles. For best smoke dispersion, recommended burn hours are 9 A.M. to 3 .PM.

All Federal Holidays are NO BURN DAYS in all areas

Call (530) 274-7928 for Burn Status updates via telephone.

AreaJune 2024 - November 2024Special Conditions
Western/Eastern Nevada County (West of Norden, Including Soda Springs)NOBurning has been suspended for the season due to fire danger.
Town of TruckeeNOBurning has been suspended for the season due to fire danger.
Sierra CountyNOBurning has been suspended for the season due to fire danger.
Quincy Area (Including the American and Thompson Valleys)NOBurning has been suspended for the season due to fire danger.
Plumas County (outside the Quincy Area)NOBurning has been suspended for the season due to fire danger.
  • For basic questions, such as which area you live in or where to get a burn permit (when required), please visit the FAQ page.
  • For all information on open Burning in the District please refer to Regulation III, Rule 300 on our Rules page.
  • Per District rule 318, burning will not be allowed in the American and Thompson Valley; November 15 to March 16 annually.

BURN PERMITS are sometimes required by CAL FIRE.  

CAL FIRE burn permits are now available online at   

TRUCKEE BURN PERMITS can be obtained online at

An Air Pollution Permit from the Air District is always required for Non-residential burns. For information, call (530) 274-9360 in Nevada & western Sierra County or (530) 832-0102 in Plumas & eastern Sierra County.

  • NEVER BURN GARBAGE!  Materials such as plastic, plywood, painted & treated wood, Styrofoam etc. are illegal to burn because burning them emits toxins into the air that can cause an assortment of ailments, including headaches, learning disabilities in children, and various forms of cancer.
  • Burn HOT & CLEAN!  Maintain a hot flame to minimize smoke. If there’s any danger of your fire escaping, or it’s too wet to burn, wait for a better day.
  • BURN PERMIT vs. AIR POLLUTION PERMIT:  A Burn Permit is required by CAL FIRE during part of the year, when fire danger is more of a concern. NON-RESIDENTIAL burns and burns larger than one acre always require an Air Pollution Permit from the Air District. If you have any questions about your need for an Air Pollution Permit, call the Grass Valley Office at (530) 274-9360.
  • Please Read the Open Burning page before attempting to burn.  There, you will find important Rules & tips to help you burn.
  • Wondering why we have No Burn Days? Click here. 
  • Obtaining an Authorization to Burn on a No Burn Day 
  • Update Timing: The Burn Day Status for the current day and the next day is generally updated by 5PM (sometimes later on weekends).  If you check earlier in the day, you will see the Status for yesterday and today.

Open burning is ALWAYS BANNED in the city limits of Grass Valley, Nevada City and Portola, and also in downtown Quincy and East Quincy.

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