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Burn Ban Lifted

October 20, 2021

Burn Permits are required: 

You should obtain a CalFire Burn permit to burn your piles.  You can obtain one from the link below.

Before you burn, remember to first check if it is a permissible burn day.  

The Burn Day Status is also available by telephone:

Western Nevada County:(530) 274-7928
Eastern Nevada County:(530) 582-1027
Western Sierra County:(530) 289-3662
Eastern Sierra County:(530) 994-3561
Portola:(530) 832-4528
Quincy:(530) 283-3602
Chester/Greenville:(530) 258-2588

You are also required to get an Air Pollution Permit for any burning on non-residential property or for any property over an acre. Burns greater than 10 acres will also require a smoke management plan. Contact our office at 832-0102 with any additional questions.

An instructional drawing showing safe distances for outdoor burning, with a person, fire, hose, and bucket.

Click here for the CalFire Website Burn Permits

Burning is always prohibited in: Downtown Quincy, East Quincy, and the City of Portola.

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