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To view current Air Quality select a site from below:

Grass Valley





To view interesting smoke information concerning current fires visit: California Smoke Information Blog

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Woodstove season is upon us. Check out these helpful brochures from the EPA that can help you SAVE $$ by getting the most heat and efficiency from your woodstove.                            BurnWise             Does Your Woodstove have a dirty little secret?

To find out how smoke from woodstoves can affect your health read this helpful article from EPA.

Watch this cool video on California's Clean Air Legacy

To view real-time Air Quality Data for locations throughout the region click here. It is a Query tool that allows you to view both preliminary and official air quality data by selecting a time frame, an area of the state, and the type of report. Results can be clicked through for more detail. Additionally, if you would like to view the Air Quality Index for any given region in the country, then click on AirNow.

Check out the most recent Progress toward Clean Air report for California: California's Progess toward Clean Air.

Fire Departments: fillable Violation Worksheet.

Check out the Air District's final budget for FY 15-16:

Budget for FY 15-16.